Colored Pencil Magazine


I’m so honored to be included in Colored Pencil Magazine this month (December 2016) issue. I was invite to share my Hummingbird drawing in the Gallery section of the Magazine and I’m so proud now. This kind of recognitions are so important in artist life and gives that well needed boost for future.

Colored Pencil Magazine December 2016

To me, different social media sites and art groups where I’m in, are so important. Life of an artist is quite lonely sometimes. Although I do have a separate day job where I meet other people, it is still so nice to be a part of art community that understand you the way others may not.

I have been so lucky to found these great groups and amazing people that inspire and support me. I’ve learned so much from you!

Thank you! You all know who you are!

Hummingbird in Colored Pencil Magazine December 2016 issue

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