What’s up?

“I haven’t heard about you for long time, is everything ok?”

“I hope you have been well, haven’t seen you posting anything for long time.”

“How have you been? Haven’t heard about you..”

I’ve been having these lovely heart warming messages from all of you guys. It is so lovely  and also surprising to notice how so many people from all over the world miss you, when you are “off grid” for little while. Or… in my case, little more than just “little while”.

Answer to all of Your questions. Yes! Everything is fine, better than fine. I have new love in my life, who is taking me and my dogs in adventures with him (one reason why I have not had that much time to make more art) and these two lovely fur babies who I have wanted to give more time.


But soon I will be taking part with art challenge called March Mash-up which is a month long art challenge where you create new kind of creatures every day, (or you can also just pick your favorites and complete those) by mashing together two different animals or animal and plant etc. There is official prompt list that I will follow and I also will try to complete every one of these. Finished pieces I will post in my Facebook and Instagram, so check those out.

I hope I will see as many of You as possible participating this challenge and  posting your art online. Remember to use #MarchMashup #MarchMashup2019 #DrawCreature and that day’s prompts combination of the creatures (i.e. butterfly + Leaf = #ButterflyLeaf)

Also, please follow March Mash-Up in Instagram and Facebook. We will be sharing You guys art there as well so take up the challenge and have fun creating some creatures!

Intro video

March Mash-up
March Mash-up official prompt list

#ArtChallenge #DrawingChallenge #dogmeme #dogjoke


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